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BFE Management

Buyer Furnished Equipment (BFE) is becoming a critical part of an aircraft as Airlines bench mark themselves by offering State Of the Art Cabin Systems to their passengers. Having strong and thorough Product Support Agreements in place with the BFE vendors is key to ensuring a smooth induction and good dispatch reliability of high technology Cabin Systems in a fleet.

Relaer-D has the experience to perform negotiations with Cabin Systems vendors as a practical and cost effective outsourcing solution.
Relaer-D provides experienced senior executives with a proven experience in managing Cabin Systems projects who have the necessary competence in the required airline domains to secure the best possible Product Support Agreements.   
The support is of value to airlines having placed direct purchase orders with Cabin SUppliers, without experience in BFE contract negotiation.
Relaer-D will help in the negotiation of Warranty conditions, Spare Parts policy and In-Service Support from the major BFE Suppliers, i.e. Seats, In Flight Entertainment (IFE) and Galleys.
A cost effective & result oriented solution providing short and long term benefits whilst potentially enhancing the profitability and competitiveness of the airline.

Close follow up of the BFE suppliers is necessary to ensure timely On Dock Dates (ODD) and minimum delay for the aircraft delivery. 

Relaer-D's BFE Definition Service consists proactively managing the Vendor to ensure the Cabin Systems BFE are tailored to the airline’s needs and expectations. A Project Manager (PM) will be nominated by Relaer-D to interface with the suppliers and act as a focal point for the airline.  Relaer-D resources will be deployed on an ‘as needed’ basis to meet with the suppliers and critically review the agreed product features and functionalities.
The PM will provide assistance in coordinating and communicating with the suppliers in order to obtain the level of Cabin Systems quality and functionalities that is expected,in a timely manner .  The PM will travel as necessary to the supplier to ensure that they stay within the project timelines and will attend all key events such as Initial Technical Coordination Meetings (ITCM’s); Product development follow-up through Product Design Reviews (PDR’s), First Article Inspections (FAI’s), and Final Acceptance Test (FAT).
In case that key events are being held simultaneously at different suppliers', Relaer-D will provide the necessary personnel to cover all requirements.
Relaer-D will provide suggestions to the airline based upon experience, and if required assist with the implementation of technical solutions at the vendor facility.
Relaer-D staff have over 10 years BFE and IFE experience and have assisted airlines product definition / development for all cabin equipment (Seats, Galleys, IFE).
The BFE definition service is designed as a practical, proactive and cost effective outsourcing solution, for a non-recurring Airline task.